Another, and probably one of the most versatile and year long successful methods of fishing for Largemouth on Lake Barcroft is Jig Fishing.  Fishing a jig is a productive technique for all seasons.  From the cold months of winter, through Spring Summer and Fall.  I do well with jigs bumping them into wood and rock and pitching them around docks and pontoon boats.  It is  a dynamite technique in the heat of summer to pitch jigs into shaded areas of docked boats. and when there are fallen trees remaining in the lake, I don’t think there is a better  at to fish them than with a jig.  It is good at imitating Sunfish and Craws, and it is one of the oldest lures around that produces quality Fish.  My Favorite times of year to fish them on Barcroft is in the PreSpawn and Summer Months.  I always will have a jig tied on to one of my Rods.  Tim Hardy