Once the water warms into the 60s on Lake Barcroft, the Bass start to think about spawning and move toward shallow flats with hard bottoms.  Soft plastic worms, Tube Lures and Creature baits are some of your best lures to catch them with at this time of year.

Right before the Spawn and during the spawning process I cast soft floating worms like a weightless Zoom Trickworm, or a soft Jerkbait like a Lunker Lures Slug-O or Zoom fluke.  I go to shallow areas of the lake with clear water and hard bottoms and cast shallow and twitch the baits back to the boat.  Another good lure is a six inch Lizard dragged across spawning flats on a miniature Carolina rig with a small sinker rigged a foot or two above the bait

Once water temperatures rise from winter numbers into the 50s, I catch Presapawn bass with Jigs, Crankbaits and Spinnerbaits, in depth transition areas from deep to shallow.  Later on during the peak of Spring, soft plastics fished on the flats will do better.  Soft Plastics like the traditional big Texas rigged worm will catch bass all throughout the Summer too in deeper Structure.  Spring and Summer.  I can’t wait.

Tim Hardy