One of my favorite ways to catch Bass of all kinds is with lures that are retrieved a13516205_10206940667412120_2804007773792505464_ncross the surface of the water, or “Topwaters”.  This is primarily a warm water technique and can be the best and most efficient way of covering water in the Summer mornings, Evenings and nighttime.  It is a low light technique and works all day on rainy overcast days during the summer.  My favorite way to catch them then is to keep the trolling motor on and just cast and retrieve a big Buzz Bait.  Another lure that can call fish up to strike the surface from deeper clearer water is a big cigar shaped lure called a Heddon Zara Spook.  I can produce monsters.

During the hot summer nights when fish may not have been as active during the day, Big Bass come to feed up shallow on main Lake points and flats.  My favorite lure for this time of fishing is the old surface wobbler, The Arbogast Jitterbug, Black.  Bigger Bass can be caught a night in the Summer than during the day, without question.  In fact when I have gone night fishing I almost always have caught nothing, but good sized fish.  When they explode on the surface with reckless abandon and violently try to kill my lure, Boy, is that a thrill.  Bass will also hit jigs, plastic worms, and black Colorado bladed Spinnerbaits.  The black color of these lures actually creates a silhouette and the big round Spinnerbait blade produces a vibration that bass can sense in their bodies.

scan0001When I go Smallmouth fishing on The Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, Topwater can be the best bet all day sometimes, along with a plastic grub or Hellgrammite.   Chuggers like the Storm Chug Bug and Rebel Pop R are my favorites for the rivers, which I usually fish during the peak of Summer.

Tim Hardy