Lake Barcroft is full of a silver img_4737-2sided Baitfish called Gizzard Shad.  It has become the main forage for all predatory fish in the Lake.  Gizzard Shad also attract birds of prey like the Osprey, Great Blue Heron and even Bald Eagles along with sea birds like gulls.

Shad move in schools, or Pods and roam open water areas feeding on microorganisms and plankton.  They are an oily fish, a great bait for Catfish as cut bait with a powerful smell.  They are the main forage for Largemouth Bass, especially in the cool water periods.  I know this because   I have been using Shad imitating  lures  and have had good success with solid catches of healthy and chunky bass this winter.   Everyday I have been out so far this year I have caught quality sized Bass and the only two lures I have been using is a suspending Jerkbait and a Spinnerbait.  Where there is bait, like Shad in the water, big fish can be found.  Tim Hardy