Summer is here and the water is heating up.  A lot of Bass have moved off shore after the spawn and can be hard to reach.  Lake Barcroft, because it is a community lake that exists to please swimmers and pleasure boaters is almost void of natural cover.  There are some old sunken trees, shallow lily Pads and sparse grass in places, but deep water fish can be hard to pinpoint and catch if they are not on specific pieces of cover.  One Man Made form of shallow and deep water cover that exists in abundance on Barcroft is docks and docked pontoon boats.  Bass love to get under those things in Summer and hang out in the shade to ambush Bluegills.  Pitching and skipping Jigs and Tube Baits is my favorite way to target those Bass.KIMG0052

I’ve stopped listening to the country music I grew up on in my truck during the work day because the sad old songs get stuck in my head and play with my emotions.  One thing that I don’t mind getting stuck in my head is Bass Fishing.  I play my Bass Pro videos nonstop in my truck as I drive from job to job, Larry Nixon’s Tournament Tactics for Summer Season Bass where he talks about deep water structure and Technique specific tapes like KVD’s Pitchn’ to Heavy Hitters where I try to memorize the master’s instructions on the casting techniques that target these under cover Bass.


Over the past few hot afternoons, I have gone out on the Lake in my flat bottom Arkansas Traveler and decided to bring one rod and a handful of jigs and trailers to practice my pitching and I have seen that in just an hour’s time in the hot Summer Sun, good sized Bass from just a handful of overhangs and pontoon boats.  I used to know about every deep brush pile and tree in the lake and loved to fish the Texas Rigged Worm to coax Bass from obvious fallen trees.  Pontoon boats and dock overhangs are obvious too and they are everywhere.  I have found that Deeper docked pontoon boats, or Shallow ones docked near a drop-off produce best.  Another tell tale sign of a good dock setup is Old Mister Blue Heron.  He loves to eat big Bluegills and so do big Bass.  Summertime Pitchn’  and skippn’ can be a deadly technique around a Party Barge and the white dung of Old Mister Heron.